Ben Emmens

Mid-year refresh?

I noticed a while back that there was something up with my website: the wordpress template had become out of date and was no longer responsive. Worse still, I’d been locked out. Fortunately someone cleverer than me (thanks Al) was able to help salvage the bits that were worth keeping and so now we can give it a well overdue refresh! It made me think about how easy it is… Read More »Mid-year refresh?

New year; new skills!

Artisan baking! I’ve always wanted to be able to bake a decent loaf. 2013 is the year. Here was the first batch. It didn’t last very long… So back to the kitchen for me! January is off to a good start! Yum!

Looking towards the mountains…

I’m writing this from Kathmandu where I’m working this week, and I’m looking in the vague direction of Everest, though I can’t see it as the city is cloaked in a smoggy blanket. It’s a kind of surreal metaphor for the year ahead: I know there are mountains to climb, views to behold, challenges to face, but I don’t quite know when and where they’ll come. 2012 brought a massive… Read More »Looking towards the mountains…

It’s about the ‘collective us’

As I reflect on what it takes to work collaboratively, it’s very clear that mindset is fundamental. My guiding principles of ‘generosity’ and ‘humility’ (forgive the irony of mentioning the latter in a blog post) have brought me to a place where I can confidently say my work is not about me, it’s about the ‘collective us’… The ‘collective us’ is the way I describe connected, collaborating individuals and the… Read More »It’s about the ‘collective us’

In the line of duty?

Sunny Amsterdam provides a great backdrop for People In Aid’s humanitarian HR conference and it is an absolute honour to have BBC Radio 4’s foreign correspondent Mike Thomson as a keynote and to have spent a little time in his company. His tenacity, courage and selfless commitment to get the story out is inspiring. Like journalists and their ‘story’, aid workers are often driven by that same desire to reach… Read More »In the line of duty?

Inspired by TEDx

Last week I got to participate in the first TEDxExeter event. TEDx events are a global phenomenon with literally thousands of events happening each year and folk like me use TED talks as a staple in leadership development and to inspire thinkers. So clearly I’m a TED fan, and as soon as I learned there was going to be a TEDx event in Exeter (thanks @tobite) I was in the… Read More »Inspired by TEDx

Leaders of the future?

In New York for a couple of days, again, and today was spent in the company of great thinkers. Every time I get to think aloud with Lynda Grattan I come away inspired and buzzing with ideas and energy. I really must renew my endeavours to create proper time and space for my writing. Today was looking at the kind of leaders we require now and into the future… Inductive… Read More »Leaders of the future?

Living at the porous edge…

Today was a very stimulating day in the company of great thinkers – the Future of Work consortium is certainly at the front end of futures thinking. I ended the day thinking about boundary spanning leadership and was reflecting on the inspiring work being done by colleagues at the Center for Creative Leadership – Christ Ernst and Steadman Harrison. Often times I find myself further out than even the ‘edge… Read More »Living at the porous edge…

Collaboration: the means to an end, or ?

Is collaboration a means to an end, or a legitimate end in itself? I guess that depends on context, on the desired end (or outcome), and the importance of meaningful work and our fundamental, human, relational existence… Just thinking…

Trust on credit?

With Lynda Gratton’s Future of Work research consortium today exploring complex collaboration and it sounds as though my thinking on trust – my concepts of ‘trust on credit’, ‘vicarious trust’, and ‘earning your trust stripes’ – thinking which has been ‘marinading in my mind’ for the last year or so, could be finding its legs. Maybe it’s time to dust off the PhD / DBA plans? I look forward to… Read More »Trust on credit?