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Leaders of the future?

By 14th March 2012No Comments

In New York for a couple of days, again, and today was spent in the company of great thinkers. Every time I get to think aloud with Lynda Grattan I come away inspired and buzzing with ideas and energy. I really must renew my endeavours to create proper time and space for my writing.

Today was looking at the kind of leaders we require now and into the future…

Inductive thinkers NOT deductive thinkers; curators; facilitators…

Leaders who lead with purposeful authenticity and blatant integrity.

Leaders with high cultural and social intelligence.

Business is becoming social in every respect, and it’s interesting to notice corporate social responsibility reincarnate as ‘social business’.

Manpower Group have done some great work on this and listening to a colleague there describe human age leaders existing in and managing an ecosystem was fascinating. I agree with their assertion that today’s leaders aren’t making decisions any more, they’re making trade offs on an ongoing basis. Our complex world has become ‘and-and’ not ‘or’.

Leadership is most definitely about the the outcome AND the journey. And as I’ve said elsewhere, the journey definitely matters…

When the outer journey intersects with the inner journey – let’s call that the crucible of experience – then leaders are refined.

Lots more thinking to do on this.

Your thoughts? Can we develop authenticity in ourselves or others? Is there ever enough time to think?

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