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By 9th June 2010No Comments

This is the last post from the ‘archives’… November 3-5 (2008) in Washington DC was very memorable, but a lot can change in 18 months. For the record, here is what ‘dreams’ look like:

Working in Washington this week has been inspirational. I watched Barack Obama be elected President of the United States of America.

On Monday and Tuesday, I had a sense of being part of something very historic: I felt the spirit of hope, and sensed people daring to dream the dream… And late on Tuesday night I was moved to tears as I saw the news of his election break. Watching people of every colour and all ages weep tears of joy at the event they never thought they’d get to see in their lifetime touched me deeply.

Obama declared that ‘Change has come to America’. And it is staggering that such a profound change could come to a country which only four years ago, two years ago, one year ago, was in a very different place. I hope and pray that change will truly come.

Wednesday was a wonderful day: everyone I spoke to – taxi drivers, shop keepers, hotel staff, chefs, waiters and waitresses, women and men and young people in the street, colleagues – was overjoyed. There is realism about the enormity of the task facing Obama, but there is hope, and pride, and dreams are being dreamt again.

It was good to be here – a real privilege.

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