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I received a copy of this inspiring book (Nancy Kline / Time to think) through the post a couple of weeks ago –  a gift from a coach / consultant I’d met a couple of times. Receiving a gift is a wonderful thing – all the more so if it turns out that it’s a gift that changes your life…

I met the her [the consultant] again on Friday and experienced a thinking environment coaching session… And the power of the approach is simply breathtaking. I recommend you check out Nancy Kline’s book (or website for yourself.

I’m fortunate to have a CEO who lives by Nancy Kline’s assertion that “everything we do depends for its quality on the thinking we do first” and I’m grateful for the way in which he positively facilitates a thinking environment.

A thinking environment is about so much more than ‘listening’, and in the book you can read about the ten components of a thinking environment in more detail. But reading the book has certainly forced me to evaluate how effectively I listen, and how much attention I pay when listening… I’m learning again that the ‘quality of my attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking’, and that “thinking for yourself is the thing on which everything else depends”.

I’ve got a hunch I’ll be coming back to this book again and again.

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