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Trust on credit?

By 3rd February 2012No Comments

With Lynda Gratton’s Future of Work research consortium today exploring complex collaboration and it sounds as though my thinking on trust – my concepts of ‘trust on credit’, ‘vicarious trust’, and ‘earning your trust stripes’ – thinking which has been ‘marinading in my mind’ for the last year or so, could be finding its legs.

Maybe it’s time to dust off the PhD / DBA plans?

I look forward to a world of work in which the risk of venturing trust from your trust bank is one that is respected, and encouraged. To reach that point, we need honest conversations about what happens when trust is broken, and how we deal with the consequences of projects (and people) that crash and burn.

I think our learning from the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies’ core humanitarian competencies framework (core behaviours) which People In Aid has facilitated over the last couple of years will stand us in good stead.

And to link with some earlier thinking, maybe our ‘trust bank’ should be filled with social capital (a deposit, if you like)?

So is it also time to begin catalysing a network of *new* venture capitalists, those for whom social capital is their currency?

My sense is we’ll be returning to this theme…

Thoughts? Comments?

Why is the risk of ‘trust in credit’ worth taking?

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