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Bring on 2012!

By 3rd January 20122 Comments

So a new year arrives, and like many others, I find myself staring into the ‘fog’ and ‘storms’ ahead, searching for the path my journey will take me on…

When it comes to challenge and change, I’m so much better at helping others prepare for it and face it! But when it’s my turn, the eagerness evaporates.

This year promises to be a very big one, almost certainly characterised by the courageous decisions waiting to be taken, and my fair share of upheaval…

So I think I’m prepared!

I do know that ultimately the easy way is rarely the best way. In his ‘Do Lecture’ last year Frank Chimero talked about doing things the ‘long, hard, stupid way’ and that just about sums it up for me.

So, to borrow a cycling metaphor from my past – ‘it’s time to put some miles in these legs’!

Here’s to 2012!

To challenge, change, and upheaval!


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