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It’s about the ‘collective us’

By 9th August 2012No Comments

As I reflect on what it takes to work collaboratively, it’s very clear that mindset is fundamental. My guiding principles of ‘generosity’ and ‘humility’ (forgive the irony of mentioning the latter in a blog post) have brought me to a place where I can confidently say my work is not about me, it’s about the ‘collective us’...

The ‘collective us’ is the way I describe connected, collaborating individuals and the community (society) in which we live and work. Sometimes saying simply ‘us’ feels narrow, as though it’s about our ‘tribe’ or company or charity, or the place where we have our vested interest or allegiance. It’s somehow not enough…

If we believe in a vibrant and healthy society that includes the most vulnerable and marginalised and is about opportunity and purpose, and if we are consciously working to achieve that – whether we are in business, a voluntary organisation or the public sector – then we are about the ‘collective us’.

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