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There’s something unique about riding through the winter… the ice can make riding the motorbike foolhardy and riding the road bike risky. Mountain biking is where it’s at, though winter tyres are a must along with some decent gloves and a warm headgear! 


Winter tyres: Continental’s mud king!

Pedalling through the mud is the ultimate slog – it’s a constant search for traction and whether up or down, it’s all about slipping and sliding all over the place and trying to maintain forward momentum and a semblance of control. And when you get home everything needs cleaning. 

Which is the perfect metaphor for life actually… hard miles, lots of slog, and often times quite a tenuous grip… and then we re-set, clean ourselves up and get ready for the next outing. 
This January seems harder than most: the rains came for us, and then the ice. The craziness of the world has meant I’ve spent lots of time escaping away from the screens and technology; lots of miles on foot and on wheels. 

Still, the sunrises have been amazing, and Spring is around the corner. 

Sunrise, North Cornwall


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Ben Emmens