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Inspired by TEDx

Last week I got to participate in the first TEDxExeter event. TEDx events are a global phenomenon with literally thousands of events happening each year and folk like me use TED talks as a staple in leadership development and to inspire thinkers. So clearly I’m a TED fan, and as soon as I learned there was going to be a TEDx event in Exeter (thanks @tobite) I was in the… Read More »Inspired by TEDx

Bring on 2012!

So a new year arrives, and like many others, I find myself staring into the ‘fog’ and ‘storms’ ahead, searching for the path my journey will take me on… When it comes to challenge and change, I’m so much better at helping others prepare for it and face it! But when it’s my turn, the eagerness evaporates. This year promises to be a very big one, almost certainly characterised by… Read More »Bring on 2012!


Sitting in Singapore Chiangi airport listening to the piped muzak yet again (lost count how many times this year already) I got thinking about my strategy to beat jetlag… It’s a strategy that’s mostly worked to date but is essentially a triumph of mind over matter. Much the same way as one overcomes weariness in everyday life. So for those of you unable to purchase over the counter remedies, here’s… Read More »Jetlagged?


Here’s another of life’s lessons: Walking to church with F yesterday we stopped by P’s store to do some copying. One of his nephews was holding the fort and he got chatting to F in a friendly way as I copied away. Walking back out into the rain, we carried on a little further, until we came to a mother and her two young boys. She was looking stressed and… Read More »Walking…


I posted this story back in 2008 after a memorable journey… A few weeks ago I spent a couple of days working in Los Angeles. It was my first time there, and I was struck by the number of cars, the size of their freeways, and the utter lack of public transport. I’d been in a suburb with a well known humanitarian organisation, and had to head downtown (into the… Read More »Courage…

Welcome to my world

Friends, welcome to my world. I’ve been challenged and inspired by many blogs, yet I remained on the sidelines when it came to joining the fray. Not that I consider myself technologically retarded – it’s just that time pressures make participating a challenge. But now it’s time to ‘roll up my sleeves’ and get ‘with it’. I’ll post a few thoughts from the archives to be going on with, and… Read More »Welcome to my world

Ben Emmens