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By 12th December 20112 Comments

Sitting in Singapore Chiangi airport listening to the piped muzak yet again (lost count how many times this year already) I got thinking about my strategy to beat jetlag…

It’s a strategy that’s mostly worked to date but is essentially a triumph of mind over matter. Much the same way as one overcomes weariness in everyday life.

So for those of you unable to purchase over the counter remedies, here’s my top 5 tips:

1) Be in the timezone! From the moment you step on the plane – be in your destination’s timezone.

2) Make good use of the eyemask and earplugs!

3) A fully charged iPod / iPhone, and good earphones.

4) Blanket and pillow.

5) Gin and tonic!

How about you – any top tips for a weary traveller?



  • Liz says:

    Choose a film and load it on your ipad and hope it’ll send you to sleep!! If it doesn’t, hope for caffeine when you land! If you’re going to a place with no coffee on demand, take some of those chocolate covered coffee beans

  • Liz says:

    ps. not very serious 🙂

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