“A convergence of yes’s”

I’ve realised I’ve got a problem… It’s not a constant, ongoing problem, rather it’s one that rears its head from time to time. It happens when my ‘yes’s’ converge. I say ‘yes’ to many things, and ‘no’ to a few. This can happen over a short or a long period of time, but one thing’s for sure, the yes’s accumulate over time. Periodically, a number of those yes’s come home… Read More »“A convergence of yes’s”

Building capacity…

‘Building capacity’ – quite possibly one of the most hackneyed terms in the whole of the humanitarian / international development realm. I have misgivings about the term ‘building capacity’ – if we’re going to do anything with (or to) capacity, then let’s acknowledge that it almost certainly exists already (to a greater or lesser extent), and let’s talk about ‘strengthening capacity‘ instead. Anyhow, I have noticed a growing trend for… Read More »Building capacity…

Social capital?

I’ve been thinking about the notion of social capital a great deal over the last year or two – and the thinking is gradually becoming less ‘inchoate’… As a leader in a global network of nearly 200 NGOs, I have an opportunity to connect people, and to play my part in bringing about transformational results for the organisations we work with, and the communities they serve. And that’s what’s got… Read More »Social capital?


This is the last post from the ‘archives’… November 3-5 (2008) in Washington DC was very memorable, but a lot can change in 18 months. For the record, here is what ‘dreams’ look like: Working in Washington this week has been inspirational. I watched Barack Obama be elected President of the United States of America. On Monday and Tuesday, I had a sense of being part of something very historic:… Read More »Change