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It’s about the ‘collective us’

As I reflect on what it takes to work collaboratively, it’s very clear that mindset is fundamental. My guiding principles of ‘generosity’ and ‘humility’ (forgive the irony of mentioning the latter in a blog post) have brought me to a place where I can confidently say my work is not about me, it’s about the ‘collective us’… The ‘collective us’ is the way I describe connected, collaborating individuals and the… Read More »It’s about the ‘collective us’


I’m privileged to be working with some like minds at Nokia, Thomson Reuters and the London Business School and together we are exploring what community means in the workplace. It’s a journey of discovery – and it feels like we’re creating a new language through which businesses and non-profits can understand and engage with communities. This week we reflected on our role through a community’s lifecycle, from initiation, to discovery,… Read More »Community

Ben Emmens